Life inside my head... by Anna-Maria Potamiti

Life inside my head... by Anna-Maria Potamiti

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Anna-Maria Potamiti is a Greek painter living in the Scottish Borders, who, used to moving around and re-adapting while concealing her domestic life with her artistic practice, finds inspiration in her daily life, the body and power relations between people in domestic settings just as much as in and in memories of places she has lived. In her process she looks for exciting colour and shape relationships that distill an experience, as well as a playful, open sense of space.

While the other two paintings included in the exhibition focus on women's relations and duties in the home, perhaps this is the intimate, private watercolour showing the moments of release when no one is watching and one breaks free from them, embraces the earth, body loose, breathes (even if only inside our head).

A cheerful and necessary moment, not a gloomy, guilty one, as reflected by the party of colours and lines.

Watercolour, gouache, and charcoal pencil on paper

20 x 25 unframed / 29 x 42 framed

Unframed £80 / Framed £95