These Days by Katie Charleson
These Days by Katie Charleson

These Days by Katie Charleson

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Katie Charleson is a textile artist living and working in Edinburgh. These Days is a one-off piece that can be used as a blanket, a wall hanging or a throw. Katie works exclusively with natural fibres from ethical sources and uses organic fabrics where possible. Many works embrace upcycling and make use of remnants, off cuts and archival fabrics.

She only uses water based inks in her production, and is consciously introducing natural dyes while educating herself on the most environmentally positive way to continue creating textile work.

Made from plant fibres and recycled remnants from other pieces, the piece is hand dyed with onion skin pigmen.
Front: 100% cotton muslin
Reverse: Organic cotton satin, linen, cotton canvas
Binding: 100% organic cotton
Batting: Organic bamboo
94cm x 99cm
Hand wash cool with pH neutral detergent
Air dry flat