The tip of the lake by Jessica Jane Charleston

The tip of the lake by Jessica Jane Charleston

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The tip of the lake
Gouache on paper
22cm x 14cm

Jessica Jane Charleston is an artist based in London. She graduated from the Royal Drawing School in 2017. In 2020 she was awarded the Young Artist Award from the Royal Watercolour Society. She has exhibited her paintings with Guts Gallery, Kris Day’s Papercuts at The Saatchi Gallery, The London Art Fair (represented by The Nunnery Gallery) and most recently been selected to exhibit in the Artist Support Pledge exhibition A Generous Space at The Hastings Contemporary. 

Jessica considers drawing to be at the heart of her work. She draws her dreams, her son, her imagination, herself. These drawings act as a starting point for her paintings, prints and clay figures. Her work often focuses on the female form and the ideas of womanhood and more recently - motherhood.

Jessica says of "The tip of the lake":  The swans flew into my drawings during the first lockdown and haven't left yet. They are the strangest creatures when you see a lot of them together. Something almost dinosaur about them, that thick long neck. In my drawings they represent freedom, lust and the 'feminine'. I like to think of the woman in The tip of the lake as the swan catcher or herder.