Just Another Child of God by Aiden Milligan, 2022

Just Another Child of God by Aiden Milligan, 2022

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Aiden Milligan is a painter who lives and works in Edinburgh. Milligan’s consciously naïve style brings humour and lightness to retellings of his experiences of growing up in rural Southwest Scotland.

In this new series, the composition tends to accentuate the position of the observer, partly alert and always amused - one who has come to experience  the absurdity of adult disenchantments with tenderness.

Milligan says of "Just Another Child of God":

Growing up in a small town in the country, everyone knows everyone’s business due to a small isolated population and the gossiping nature of small-town people. George Douglas Brown referred to these people as ‘bodies’ in his 1901 novel, ‘The House with The Green Shutters’ depicting a small fictional Ayrshire town which subverted the notions of rural life as idyllic. In my time, I’ve heard many people from the major Scottish cities refer to driving through my county as like ‘going back in time’, and the jibe that if you travelled up to Glasgow from Ayrshire you must have got there by donkey.  

As children, we found our entertainment in venturing up nearby hills and woodland, which was always made more thrilling in the knowledge that there was a man who lived up there in affinity with nature. We’d find his campfires and sleeping bags, and play games where we had to hide from him. Rumour has it that he recently married a tree on this same hill, however the hill is routinely farmed for timber, and recent sightings of this man suggest he is not happy with this, perhaps they took his wife. I’ve always been drawn to those who live their life as such. There’s a purity and something spiritual surrounding it that is unseen in urban life. Here he is seen approaching a passing car topless and brandishing his favourite branch. 

76cm x 61cm. Acrylic on canvas. 2022. £550

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