The Knight by Maria Gordon, 2021
The Knight by Maria Gordon, 2021

The Knight by Maria Gordon, 2021

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Maria Gordon is a self-taught illustrator and designer based in Madrid. Her work is inspired by European folk art, children’s illustration, and her own vivid and delicate pictorial world. In her work, if highly decorative and pleasing, each figure, fruit and flower carries a meaning or symbolism that changes and deepens the work’s meaning.

This collection of watercolours demonstrates the recurrent themes and imagery in her world of contrasts: where innocence and experience, purity and lust, flora and fauna, city and country settings, all battle while co-existing in a lyrical balance.

In The Knight, the shinning star could mean a number of things - but all of them represent the ideal which our knight, as a symbol of struggle and perseverance in adversity, chases. Ideals, happiness, fulfilment, truth, may look unattainable, but Gordon's soothing pictorial languages makes the journey delightful.

Watercolour on 300 gr Arches paper
Measurements: 20.4 x 20.4 cm / 30 x 30 framed

£130 unframed / £152 framed

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