Souvenirs of a Sealocked Summer

Souvenirs of a Sealocked Summer is Baskwell’s first online exhibition, to run from 30 September to 15 November (to be confirmed). Viewings can also be arranged by appointment in our space in Leith. 

The exhibition is a playful selection of artisanal objects, paintings, decorative items and design pieces coming from or evoking the arts of Southern Europe.  Whether based on a local tradition or individual imagination, we have selected works we associate with favourite summer destinations in aesthetics, subject or traditional local techniques.

We know many of us have a particular nostalgia for travel as our movements have been hampered, so we have decided to bring warmth to Baskwell in preparation for the coming cold months.

Some of these works will be rooted in regional craft traditions, such as Portuguese rugs and tiles, Greek pottery and landscapes, Sicilian vases and ex-votos, Spanish hand painted fans and landscapes, or Basque wooden figurines. 

Others have been selected more freely; seascapes, light paintings that offer a window into our favourite summer retreats and which might bring some comfort in their beauty and uniqueness. To offer a counterpoint, the exhibition includes some wonderful paintings by UK artists who longingly dream of scenery known to them firsthand or in pictures, but that immediately takes us on a journey. 

We hope you enjoy travelling through these works and find one that will allow you some escapism from home!