Spring Cleaning

Our third group art & craft show Spring Cleaning will run from 24th March until 15th May.
The objects selected, among which ceramics, woodwork, textiles, paintings or jewelry, are from makers, painters, designers and crafters of all disciplines from Scotland, UK and Europe, whose practice reflects on or celebrates the season.
Spring represents many initially positive things: cleanliness, purity, freshness, birth; but these, associated to the gentler sex mostly, become entangled in forced concepts and hide the messiness and cathartic element of the season too. We all adore the renewal and freshness of the season but wants to look a little into the associated constraints and joys of women's domestic lives, the explosive processes of birth, growth, old entrapments, claustrophobia, and our relationship with housekeeping as a cultural extension of the female body.
 Enjoy the vibrant party thrown by all these brilliant female artists and makers!