In the studio with Lorna Sinclair

Lorna Sinclair is an artist based in Glasgow. You can see her work as part of the exhibition "Souvenirs of a Sealocked Summer" - works on canvas here, works on paper here.

Lorna Sinclair smiling in front of one of her works

Can you tell us about your studio space?

My studio is in the East end of Glasgow, with expansive windows that illuminate the room and my paintings, particularly on sunny days. Overlooking a large industrial site, cobbled old buildings and the highlands which are visible in the faint distance, my studio windows are a great source of inspiration to my work. Working in the evenings, I regularly enjoy wonderful views of moody skies, sunsets and thunderstorms…because; Glasgow! In turn, the colours of the sky in contrast to my studio walls is something I like to explore through painting. In fact, almost every month I unintentionally use my studio as a muse for my paintings; incorporating the heavy mess of palettes and paint splashes on the floor. 

What’s your favourite part of your process?

For me, the physical act of painting is the most enjoyable part of my practice. I tend to work best in chaotic, messy environments; where there is colour, paper and paintings all over the walls and floor. Thus, I love getting my hands dirty and immersing myself fully into the process- using sticks as paint brushes, painting with my fingers/body, walking on my work; it’s all part of creating texture and helps me to keep the energy levels high in my work. 

What has been the most challenging piece of work you’ve made?

Creating the largest painting I’ve made to date- ‘Wild Flowers at Night’ – for a duo Summer Exhibition in Glasgow earlier this year, was one if the most challenging works I’ve made. The sheer scale of the painting, as well as the time constraints to finish it (I started it a week before the show due to isolating) meant I had to finish it in the Gallery, the night before the show opened. However, the intense experience taught me a lot about my own ability as an artist, and I especially enjoyed the process of painting in the Gallery space, where on-lookers from the street funnily thought it was a performance piece as I was working so rapidly, and frantically. ‘Wild Flowers at Night’, which is full of energy, colour and life is now one of my favourite works to date!

Can you tell us about the work you were making during lockdown? Did it change your practice?

I always paint using very vibrant, intense and bold colours. Although, because of lockdown and the miserable, collective atmosphere in the UK, it definitely made me increase the intensity and vibrancy of my work; making it appear more dream-like and surreal. Due to the inability to travel, I started painting from my imagination more, which gave my work more of an other-worldly feel, something I am now exploring more. 

If you were to pick one item for your home from the Souvenirs of a Sealocked Summer Collection, which would it be?

If I could choose a piece from the Souvenirs of a Sealocked Summer, it would have to be the beautiful pair of Sicilian Moor-Head Vases, for the joyful summer colours, happy expressions and crowns of fruit transports me to a hot summers day. 

You can find Lorna on instagram @lornarsinclair.

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