Basque & Welsh

Rocío Chillida is Basque (Bask-) and Emma Jewson is Welsh (-Well), and we met in Paris in 2015. We have been wanting to set up an art space ever since, but are only now starting in Edinburgh.

At Baskwell arts, makers will be showcased through carefully curated quarterly exhibitions and interdisciplinary events. We favour arts that share our attraction to naivety, primitivity, outsider impulses, self-taught practices and rejection of a sterilized contemporary art scene.

We hope to build a community around a space that will be open to all, affordable and unintimidating. The community around the space will not be based solely on this shared taste, but also in the series of events, workshops and talks that we intend to host.

We would like to attract young design lovers, seasoned arts professionals, and cultural tourists alike to the space in its retail side, but also the curious-minded and craft-oriented amateurs to its events and workshops, which will ideally bring featured makers to the space every two weeks.

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