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Spring Cleaning Playlist

So.... In here you'll find anything from the newest Rosalia to the oldest feminist country songs. Whatever has a faint mention of chores, breaking free, a house not being quite a home. We've really limited male voices here!

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In the Studio with Maria Gordon

Maria Gordon paints highly decorative and pleasing watercolours, where each figure, fruit and flower carries a meaning or symbolism that changes and deepens the work’s meaning. The collection of watercolours featured in Songs of the Imbeciles demonstrates her world of contrasts: where innocence and experience, purity and lust, flora and fauna, city and country settings, all battle while co-existing in a lyrical balance. Here's a short interview with her on these influences and impulses: Can you tell us a bit about naivety in your work? What, in particular, draws you to this way of  painting?Childhood, with its glimmering worlds and its wounds, permeates a lot of what I do when I paint. A naive style allows me to express that...

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Songs of the Imbeciles opening - 12th February 3pm

Please join us for a drink to celebrate the opening of Songs of the Imbeciles, Baskwell Arts' next exhibition. Our doors will be open from 3pm-6pm on Saturday 12th February. All are welcome! Songs of the Imbeciles brings together works by Scottish painter Aiden Milligan and Spanish illustrator Maria Gordon. The two artists filter the representation of dark scenes, notions, and experiences lived and observed through a childlike-style, conceptually linking them to a faux-naive tradition. Both artists conquer what would otherwise be represented in somber formal languages, masking it through their unique visual styles. The title isn’t intended to insult, but to reference William Blake’s emblematic Songs of Innocence and Experience - a dichotomy always present in both artists' work...

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